Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Memory Consistency Modelling

I made this presentation a while ago as a quick introduction to memory consistency models. I've lengthened it out a bit and made it my first attempt at online presentations.

You'll probably find I'm going at a very slow pace in this video, I tended to mess it up when I tried a quicker pace, this ended up being the best way to actually get through the whole thing.

Some things to note, I am talking very generally about the models, so I didn't use specific processors like SPARC or x86. In my research I mostly got to work with simpler theoretical models, so that might be a reason for my uncommon optimism about these methods.

Intro to Memory Consistency Modelling.

I don't think that the theory behind memory consistency models is too bad, and actually should be able to handle quite a bit. I'm confident that almost all the shared memory concurrency that we have now could be eventually handled by memory consistency model theory, if it keeps getting developed through research. I won't take a guess about future applications and how well it could be built into a method for constructing software though.

More references and details are available in my thesis.

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